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Arborvitae is pleased to announce that we are now offering regular programs at various centres across Ontario.

Marianne Karsh, B.Sc.F., M.Sc.F.
Executive Director, Arborvitae



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Healing With Theta
Courses to Change Your life

Animal Course and Plant Course. Newmarket, Ontario. March 24-26, 2017. Friday-Sunday, 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Practice ThetaHealing with your beloved animal companion. Learn how to communicate with animals and which positive feelings to instill for a more relaxed and happier animal. This course will help to open up awareness and higher understanding of animals. Learn how to garden with spirit, deeply connecting to plants.

See for further information. Scholarships available.

Marianne Karsh
Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner and Master Instructor
Newmarket, Ontario
Phone: 905-898-7570

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Arborvitae, a company based in Toronto, creates deeply reflective opportunities for people to nurture their spirituality through nature and realize the benefit of connecting with earth, air, light and water for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

Marianne Karsh, the founder, is a forester and research scientist with a passion to help connect people with the earth. For four years Arborvitae has offered Nature and Spirituality during the 'Becoming an Outdoors Woman' conferences. The feedback was tremendous. One woman said "I will never be the same again when I go out into nature."

During a 3½ hour session participants hear fascinating true stories of the natural world and talk about interconnectedness, mutuality, variability, survival -- all themes seen in nature which lend themselves to spiritual reflection. There are also courses, retreats and seminars. The potential for healing with this work is profound. One person said that before “she only saw the litter, now she sees the beauty in nature and the beauty in herself”.

Arborvitae provides a much needed time of retreat, renewal and refreshment. Part of the general concern for health is spending sufficient time in nature, shown to be necessary for biological, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. With increasing anxiety about environmental stress there is a deep need to cultivate our connections to the earth.

Arborvitae offers a good quality professional service that is definitely needed by the “increasing numbers of people who feel that a lifestyle that does not celebrate earth is meaningless or worse --John Cobb”.



On this site you will find information for individuals and groups, schools, retreat centres, and businesses. The pages include information on workshops, courses, seminars, summer programs and events for adults, children and youth.

Arbor Vitae

27 May 1998
Steven Bouma-Prediger

I planted three trees today--
a white pine and two juniper.
Rootballs gunnysacked in place,
needles soft and silky,
sharp and prickly,
new growth showing
the fruit of spring rain and sun.

To plant a tree-
an act of courage and fidelity and trust
in a world groaning in the travail
of ozone alerts, acid rain, smog.

Arbor vitae.
Tree of life.
Sign of faith.

The crazy carpenter from Nazareth
knew the worth of trees--
the shape and size and smell-
and one day felt a splintery side along his back
as he was planted firmly in dark judean soil.

Arbor vitae.
Tree of life.
Signature of love.

And so we wait and work and pray
for that day
when heaven and earth meet
and rivers freely flow
and sorrow is no more
and the leaves of the trees
are for the healing of the nations.

Arbor vitae.
Tree of life.
Seed of hope.

Copyright © 1999 Printed with Permission





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