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1. Retreats

Eight Day Ignatian Ecology Retreats, Loyola Retreat Centre, Guelph.

Ignatian Ecological Spirituality Field Retreat - Regis College, The Toronto Music Garden Toronto.

Nature and Spirituality Retreats, Marguerite Spirituality Centre, Pembroke.

Retreats for People Living with Cancer, Family Retreats, Fall, Summer and Winter Retreats, Manresa Spiritual Renewal Centre, Pickering

Thanksgiving Retreats, Haliburton Forest, Haliburton.

Advent Quiet Day - Sisters of St. John the Divine Anglican, Toronto.

Eight-Day Retreat on The "Spirituality of the Cosmos"  - Presentation Sisters, Newfoundland.

What the Organizers Say

“There is an urgency about this issue - caring for the environment - which calls for wide-spread education/ immediate action. Marianne Karsh is a credible agent for promoting a sound ecological mission. I feel, as an educator, of many years, that the growing worldwide concern of the environment ensures that Marianne will have a receptive audience in many countries as she and others with a similar mission, attempt to grapple with this vital issue. Even Time (2 January 1989) regards the environmental crisis as the most urgent problem facing both the earth and the human community. Clear and urgent!.” Alice Dower, Presentation Sisters, St. John’s, NF.

Earth Literacy Retreat (July 2000) - St. Martha Sisters, Prince Edward Island.

What the Organizers Say

Communing with nature is one of the primary ways I nourish my spirituality. I am eager to learn the names and interconnections of what I see and love in nature, so that I can commune more deeply. The opportunity to be guided and mentored in this process is a gift. I have always been struck by Thomas Berry’s contention that we humans are autistic as a species in the Earth community. I believe that Marianne’s work addresses the challenge of the millennium: the healing of this community. Bethany Doyle CSM, P.E.I.

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2. Conferences

8 Spirituality Sessions for the 11th Annual Bioenergetic Therapy Institute, Prince Edward Island.

What Participants Say

I am more in touch with nature now. Brenda Myers Charlottetown, PEI

I reached such a peaceful feeling inside with our nature walk.. Kathy Hewitt NF

Gifted me with moments of joy and a longing to spend time in nature. Janine Clancy, NF

Developed a wonderful new appreciation for nature... A new sense of awareness of all the beautiful aspects of creation... Geri Sharkey, PEI

I loved the varied activity -- story-telling, songs, chants, dance, sharing, beautiful slides...Rosalind McVicar, NB

A wonderful way to quiet down... The contemplative walk was very good. I'm taking my rock home although I don't need it to remember this time. Janice Gillis, NS

I liked the meditations and the time out doors finding the beauty in all creation. Loretta, NS.

Nature and Spirituality Sessions for Becoming An Outdoors Woman Conference (Every year for 3 consecutive years) - Newfoundland Parks and Recreation, St. John's, Newfoundland.

What Participants Say

1998 Evaluations

“Excellent Session”

“I shall continue to develop a closer relationship to nature and to be open to what the world is saying to me.”

“A lovely way to start a day! Thank you Marianne.”

“Really enjoyed - Thank you for introducing it to me.”

“Great session! Much healing in the group!”

“I really enjoyed the session. I found it helpful.”

“Very enjoyable. Very peaceful and instructor has that peace that comes across to the individual. Thank you. Very enjoyable.”

“It was good to have this time away for the routine of learning physical activity and to realize we are all different.”

“Excellent class - do not remove from program.”

“Very restful and a class to make one aware of your own thinking and feeling.”


“Very enjoyable session. Something for everyone. A very nice time to connect with one another after a fun filled weekend.”

“Thank you for this opportunity. I really enjoyed it. I like the gentle way it was presented and I was touched by the participation of all.”

1999 Evaluations

Thank you Marianne for a beautiful Sunday morning - from now on I won't feel quilty at all when I walk in the woods during church.

This has been a wonderful experience, very positive.

Marianne, I enjoyed this session tremendously. Out of the 4 sessions I attended this weekend, this one means the most to me. I will treasure what I've been introduced to today and hopefully pass some of this experience to my children.

I loved this session. I find I always learn something to take away with me.

I felt totally relaxed after the session and felt a real sense of connection with the group.

I liked the way that the instructor tied together both biological and spiritual experiences/ teachings

I learned how to slow down and focus better on what I'm seeing. I will keep up my communing with nature. I was very peaceful and had a special feeling of communion amongst the women present.

This was a great afternoon. One of my favourites for sure.

Thank You For Being!

"Thank you so much for your gifts. Thank you for sharing yourselves with your fellow spiritual travellers on the earth journey. May our paths cross again!"
Lucy O'Driscoll, St. John's, NF

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3. Courses

Eight - Week Nature and Spirituality Course (25 participants) - Brother T. I. Murphy Centre, Newfoundland. Courses also offered at Manresa Spiritual Renewal Centre in 2004 and 2005.

What Participants Say

“Marianne - a true believer. Very much in touch with the course content.”

“Really super and I’ll recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.”

“Marianne - wealth of knowledge”.

“Marianne - Very knowledgeable and well prepared. Brought a Sacred Holiness to her material. Strong, positive message of creation as Good, God as good. Was encouraging and supportive. Would like a 2nd level course - more depth and exploration of issues, ideas from our readings.”

“Marianne - Expression of interest in spirituality, energy and commitment. The courage to follow through on your dream to do this course. I would encourage you to present this course again. Many people I have spoken to about the course have indicated they would love to do it. Let Queen’s College, S. A. Training college and religious studies dept. know about the course. Thank You!”

“Marianne’s strength is her depth of knowledge. Her science background is complimented by her love and devotion to earth and its teachings.”
Lucy O’Driscoll, St. John’s, NF.

“Spirituality and Nature is a course that, once taken, can be termed a 'life experience'. It is a colourful collage reflecting the varied landscape and seascape of Marianne's spiritual journey. Drawing from a variety of spiritual traditions, her graduate studies in Forestry, her travels, as well as her own giftedness, Marianne exudes a passionate relationship with the whole cosmos. Taking her course challenges participants to a deeper and broader appreciation of and connection with the Earth, others, God and, ultimately, oneself. Her course is a 'life experience' I am pleased to recommend!” Nancy French, M.R.E., St. John’s, NF.

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4. Workshops

Work, Spirituality and Nature Workshop - Centre For Spirituality At Work, Toronto.

What Participants Say

“I have always loved being in touch with nature, finding a sense of peace and oneness, I found Marianne’s workshops have given me a new attunement to how nature can stimulate and bring depth to my reflections on issues of daily life”. Sherry Connolly, Centre for Spirituality at Work.

My experience at Marianne’s Earth Awareness workshop opened my eyes to new ways of looking at nature as a resource for my creativity. Sharing with people who work in different environments can add a new dimension to your thought process.

When one of the members of our group picked a space that had suffered the trauma of fire, his perspective helped me see nature’s life-giving qualities amidst what superficially seemed like destruction. It was an example of renewal that could be practically incorporated into our own lives.
Diana Renelli, Freelance Writer, Toronto.

Ecological Balance and Spiritual Health Workshop - St. John's Newfoundland.

Toronto Oasis Parks Programs - Edwards Gardens, Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Toronto.

Nature and Spirituality Workshop for Body Workers and Energy Practitioners - Toronto Ontario.

What Participants Say

On behalf of our small group, I want to thank you for your workshop connecting with Earth's energies and our spirituality. We all had a wonderful morning and I got good feedback. Karen Stewart, Toronto.

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5. Staff Development

Body, Mind, Spirit Day for 40 Teachers (included an outdoor experience of nature). I.J. Sampson School, St. John's, Newfoundland. Other locations include Toronto, Pickering and Whitby.

What Participants Say

"This is the first time in my 30 year teaching history that I ever had a development day devoted to nourishing my spirit. Every other staff development was focussed around curriculum. Thank You! Teacher from I.J. Sampson School, St. John's, NF.

Staff Retreat Day  - Centre for Spiritual Growth, Ottawa, Ontario.

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6. Seminars

Kinship - Sisters of St. Martha, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Importance of Nature for our Spiritual Journey - Sisters of St. John the Divine, Port Sydney.

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7. Earth Day (annual programs offered from 1999 to 2005)

Earth Day Slide Show 1999 - Elliott Allen Institute for Theology and Ecology, Toronto.

Earth Day Slide Show 1998 - Brother T.I. Murphy Centre, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Earth Day Weekend Retreat 2001 - Sisters of St. John the Divine, Toronto.

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8. Programs for Children and Youth

Cosmic Camp For Kids (10 day camp for children) - Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Joseph Centre, Morrow Park, Toronto.  Others locations include Toronto Islands and Manresa Spiritual Renewal Centre. Camps have been running from 1999 to 2005 and also include March Break Camps.

What Participants Say

“My favourite part is this. I get to express my feelings and tell the truth”.

I like exploring the forests and river, (hiking), singing, breathing in and out. I like making kites, and learning about the universe, and animals.
By a Cosmic Camper.

I liked it when we went on the nature walk because we got to pick berries and we had lots of fun. It was fun when we were looking for smooth and rough things because we got to go to other places. When we went hiking I had lots of fun even if lots of bugs bit me. Making the volcano was fun because we got our hands gooey. By Aswathy.

I liked camp because, I got to make new friends. Another thing I liked about camp is the meditation sessions especially the volcano one. The nature walks were really cool even though I got a lot of bites from bugs. Reading the clouds and testing the Don River was fun. I really had fun. By Winnie

A mi me gusto el benado por que nunca abia visto uno, tambien me gusto el rio y las plantas, las canciones, la pelicula de los patos. A mi me gusto el sol, por que es muy grande. By Natalie

A 92 year-old sister in the infirmary said “I am excited about Cosmic Camp For Kids and excited by the staff’s excitement. I think the camp is wonderful.”

Reclaiming the Don as Spiritual Practice ( 6 week employment and training program for youth) - St. Joseph Centre, Morrow Park, Toronto. Other locations include Hart House Farm, Toronto and Manresa Spiritual Renewal Centre, Pickering.

What Participants Say

"I can't believe I learned so much."

"I wouldn't want to work with anyone but inner city children from now on".
Grade 12 Student.

"The camp has given me a chance to see nature through the eyes of a child, allowing me to gain a greater respect for nature and my place in the universe." Derek Chan, Grade 11 Student

"I like the Talking Circle, as it allowed us to reflect on our achievements, as well as the tasks that needed improvement. Due to this daily feedback, I believe we were able to work better together as a team and modify the program suitably as the days went on." Emily Cho, Grade 11 Student, Toronto.

Earth Day School Preparation Program (Grades 1 - 7) - Blessed Trinity School, Toronto and St. Paul's Catholic Elementary School, Toronto.

Seminar Retreat Day for 80 O.A.C. Students - Notre Dame School, Toronto.

Grade 10 Retreats - Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, Toronto
          - Leo J. Austin Catholic Secondary School, Ajax
          - St. Pauls Catholic Secondary School, Mississauga

Grade 11 Retreats - All Saints Catholic Secondary School, Ajax
          - St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School, Pickering
          - Archbishop Denis O'Connor CSC, Ajax
          - Our Lady of Mount Carmel S. S., Mississauga

Grade 12 Retreats - Senator O'Connor College School, Toronto