Counselors At Work
(Quotes from the 1999 Summer Program)

Mary Anne Aricatt

My name is Mary Anne and I am 18 and currently go to St. Joseph's Morrow Park. My birthday is on October 22, 1980. Things I like are songs, music, toddlers, friends, swimming, and most of all white roses. Things I dislike are people who lie, and people who want to hurt the environment. The thing I liked best at the camp was listening to the interesting things the campers would tell me ex. "hey can i pull the snail out of it's shell?"

Kamil Bialous

My name is Kamil and I am 16 years old. I currently go to Brebeuf College School. My birthday is on September 30, 1983. Things I like include listening and playing music, writing, and outdoor activities. Things I dislike are people who don't wear pants, people who don't care about anything, wannabies, The Back Street Boys, and most of all companies that exploit child labour. Personally I found that this camp experience was different from what I had expected. The camp experience taught me about dealing with younger people while the bioregional mapping taught me organizational and communicational skills. I now have a better respect for the environment.


Derek Chan

My name is Derek and I am 17 years old. I currently attend Brebeuf College School. I was born on September 14, 1982. Things I like include fishing, walking, talking, and sports. I personally dislike people who sleep too much, people who have no manners, people who hurt others, and people who sell drugs. The thing I loved most about the camp was hearing the children chant GO TIGERS!!! I feel that I gained a huge amount of knowledge from my experience bioregional mapping. I now know how to identify plants and animals, and have gained a greater respect for the environment.


Emily Cho


My name is Emily and I am 17 years old. I currently attend St. Joseph Morrow Park. I was born on March 5, 1982. Things I like include skiing, writing, drawing, playing the piano, travelling, reading and badminton. I personally dislike rude people, invertebrates, and people who discriminate. What I loved most about the camp was meeting new people, and scaring the kids. The only thing I did not like was being killed by the ants and mosquitoes. I have gained many skills from my experiences in the bioregional mapping including a better sense of direction.


Hillary Connelly


My name is Hillary and I am 15 years old. I currently attend St. Clement's School. I was born on November 29, 1983. Things I like include punk, ska, goth, and industrial music. I also enjoy such things such as art, photography, and painting. Things I dislike are Tommy Hilfiger, racism, discrimination, gina's, prinas, pro wrestlers, private schools, preps, Mike Harris, and seafood. Some of the activities I enjoyed most at camp was decorating the cake, listening to the birds, and soaking in the sun's rays. I also really enjoyed taking samples during the bioregional mapping.


Keith Williams


My name is Keith and I am 18 years old. I currently attend Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. I was born on November 4, 1981. Things I like include history, military history, drama, England, traveling, books, and playing sports. Things I dislike include the cold in winter, getting sick, people who wine, people who talk too much, red ants, mosquitoes, and people who say stupid things. The things I liked most about the camp was getting gored by the trees with the thorns on them, the children and how dang smart they are, going into the river, and best of all jumping out of a plane at 30 000 feet and landing on the steeple of the St. Joseph Center then falling and dislocating my knee cap. The most interesting thing a child has said to me was "I'm a rat. Call me a rat" Wesley Lazar seven and a half.


Activities we participated in include:

1. Preparation of crafts, program materials, practice of songs before Children's Camp

2. Participation in Children's Camp as Group Leaders for Children

4. Evaluation. Photography, skit of program, follow-up with campers, presentation to groups afterwards; writing a report on the program. Designing pages for the project's web page

5. Periods of spiritual reflection to see what they are doing in the context of the bigger picture

6. Mapping the Bioregion.- mapping the Don River tributary through Morrow Park area, including woods, plants, animals and recording birds and other animals present in area during the summer

7. Restoration of the Don River tributary through Morrow Park.
Projects with the Don River Group or other local community environmental groups

8. Taking water samples, improving water quality of
the Don River Tributary through Morrow Park

9. Building a solar oven, leaning other skills important in community self-sufficiency

10. Making a happy birthday universe cake for our final celebration with the children


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