Reclaiming the Cosmos for Teens and Young Adults

Youth Eco-Spirituality Leadership Camp 2017

Spirituality and Environmental Awareness
Through Meditation and Nature Experiences

Photo by Malak,Copyright ©1999

Program for Youth

Youth Ages 13 – 18 plus young adults up to age 21

Deepen your connections to the earth through a curriculum that is simultaneously scientific and sacred, serious and fun, and capable of awakening young minds to a depth of awe.

The Youth Training Camp is a unique 8-day course, designed to support students while they develop a deeper sense of self through environmental leadership and eco-spirituality training.  

Now in its sixth year, our program provides high school and older students with an opportunity to explore various ecosystems through bio-regional (life-place) mapping and hands-on land use applications. By understanding flora and fauna and learning about restoration projects, students can develop and further a passion for science and embrace their role as the next generation of earth-keepers.

“Thank you so much for a really interesting and motivating week.  You have changed the way I will view things forever.”  -- youth camp counsellor, 2002.

Three essential areas of course content are:

•    Environmental training via field experience and teachings in bio-regional mapping, permaculture, environmental technologies, sustainable farming, management of waste, energy, water and health.

•    Natural Law and Eco-spirituality through exploration of diverse spiritual perspectives, cultural traditions and experiences of nature.

•    Leadership training through presentation, facilitation and communication skills; conflict resolution; team building; networking; self-empowerment; project management.

Six Goals of the Youth Training Program are to:
  • Explore different philosophies and practical approaches to land use, construction, agriculture, and the management of waste, energy, water, and health;

  • Practice, through hands-on field experience utilizing materials, methods and technologies in each of the above areas;

  • Receive training in the Cosmic Camp for Kids Curriculum to be used with children to foster their own sense of awe and wonder towards the earth;

  • Receive support in discovering and further developing their own unique and individual leadership qualities;

  • Experience and develop skills in initiating and facilitating cooperative, co-creative group/team activities; 

  • Apply leadership qualities and skills through a variety of environmental assignments and field activities. 

Curriculum Content

Indigenous/spiritual teachings on Natural Law, Sacred Law and the Ecological Balance Laws.

Teachings on Permaculture and Integrated Systems. Videos including different speakers from around the world, versed in Natural Law from diverse cultural perspectives will also be included.

The youth will be participating in periods of reflection to deepen their connections to the earth. This program is a unique opportunity for youth to see the reclamation work they are doing in the context of ecological and spiritual values. Participants will gain insights into the renewal of our bioregions flowing out of reverence for the sacredness of Creation.

Our mission is to move hearts to respond to our urgent ecological crisis and to direct them to effective means to remedy the ills.

Activities include:

Guided Meditations
•    Outdoor Nature Experiences
•    Teachings in Ecology & Spirituality
•    Leadership Skills Training
•    Hikes, Nature Identification
When:   July and August, 2017. Dates Flexible. Small groups of youth accepted, approximately 6 people
Location:    Newmarket (Davis and Bathurst Area). Field trips out to Eramosa Eden in Guelph, Ontario and other locations (depending on interests and availability of the group).     
Fee:  $400 for 8-day program, and all program materials.
Application deadline:  June 20, 2017
“The camp has given me a chance to see nature through the eyes of a child, allowing me to gain a greater respect for nature and my place in the universe”   --youth camp counsellor, 1999